Alex Hormozi: My $100,000,000 diet...

Last updated: Jun 15, 2023

The video is about Alex Hormozi's diet and how it works for him, and he suggests that entrepreneurs should focus on the basics of nutrition rather than getting caught up in biohacking and supplements.

This video by Alex Hormozi was published on Oct 27, 2021.
Video length: 15:37.

In this video, Alex Hormozi shares his $100,000,000 diet plan which is based on a high protein intake to protect muscle and a variable calorie intake.

He emphasizes that the key to success is not falling off the diet and not cheating, as everyone loses weight in a calorie deficit.

He also criticizes the biohacking and supplement obsession in the entrepreneurial space and encourages viewers to focus on a simple and effective diet plan.

  • The $100,000,000 diet is based on protein to protect muscle.
  • Calories can be consumed at any time and are not restricted.
  • Cheating is not an option as nothing is forbidden.

My $100,000,000 diet... - YouTube

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Alex Hormozi's $100,000,000 Diet

  • The base of his diet is protein to protect muscle.
  • Calories are variable and can be eaten whenever.
  • Nothing is forbidden, so cheating is not an option.
  • Weight loss is achieved through a calorie deficit.
  • Entrepreneurs should focus on the basics of nutrition rather than biohacking and supplements.
  • Alex has knowledge of fitness but doesn't want his channel to be solely about fitness.

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My $100,000,000 diet... - YouTube

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